honeymoon day one

_DSC9301We were so sleepy and exhausted from the weeks leading up until the wedding that we slept straight into the afternoon. It was so nice to spend time together where it was so quiet and peaceful. Our tummys were starting to grumble though, so we soon walked straight out of the hotel and into a tram that took us to Rundle mall. Wandering about, we stumbled onto some burritos and Boost juice, the perfect mid-afternoon breakfast. We also grabbed a groovy portable speaker to use on our travels.

Later that night, we went for dinner at Coal Cellar and Grill, a restaurant at the bottom of the Hilton. We had been there once before and shared a tomahawk steak and it was incredible. Once again, they didn’t disappoint. We were seated in a lovely, quiet booth and greeted with two glasses of Moët et Chandon Rosé Champagne on the house. The steaks we received were absolutely to die for. They went down well with a glass of Ochota Barrels single vineyard grenache.

We finished the meal off with a creme brulee and then went upstairs to relax and re-pack all of our things for the early flight the next morning.



an extraordinary day

Holy Moly, I’m a married woman! What an absolute extraordinary day we had and how crazy blessed I am. It was honestly the best day. I cannot wait to receive our photographs and video. Dan Evans was amazing and some of the best parts of the day were spent disappearing off into the estate with Jordan, basking in the glory of the day in complete love, whilst he photographer us. Nathan Story did our videography, expertly capturing each moment in our candid state and everything in between. Click here to check out the sneak peak video of the day. Please check them out if you’re in need of either for your wedding, as they did an awesome job and made us feel super comfortable and relaxed, half the time we didn’t even know they were there. Here’s a shot from the day:

Lily Cooper

On another note, the wedding couldn’t have gone better. The weather was exceptional, not a cloud in the sky, and it wasn’t hot neither cold. It was perfect. My bridesmaids and I were driven in a kombi to the venue, Glen Ewin Estate, where I was walked down the aisle by Daddy-o and saw my incredibly handsome prince charming, all blubbery and cute, waiting for me. Jude Blayney, the pastor at the church I used to attend with my family when I was in school, conducted our ceremony. It was really personal and we felt so comfortable. I think the pre-marriage sessions that we had with Jude prior to the wedding really helped these feelings and helped us to understand each other more. The ceremony was definitely a tearjerker, but what an incredible ambience there was.


The reception followed with good food, good wine and terrible dancing. The speeches actually went considerably well and we felt very loved by our family and friends that surrounded us. One of my favourite things was the pure surprise and shock that swept across Jordan’s face as I got up to sing a song as my speech. This was followed by our first dance to a special song (as heard in the movie ‘About Time’) ‘How Long Will I Love You’. It was magical and we had an absolute ball.

Up until we had to leave, we filled the night up with Verve Clicquot, corny photo booth snaps, mouthfuls of salted caramel cheesecake and enthusiastic dancing to our favourite song, ‘Come on Eileen’. We were farewelled through a human tunnel of arms, high-fiving and hugging as we past on by. Once by ourselves, we couldn’t shut up the entire drive back to the hotel and even once checked in we spent hours talking and talking. We didn’t get to see each other for a whole day, a lot can happen!

After such a crazy day, I had forgotten to eaten, or perhaps was too nervous to do so. We decided to start our honeymoon off by walking down Gouger Street in our wedding attire to our favourite Chinese Spot, Ying Chows. We ordered with our eyes and veged out back at the hotel in our white robes to a magnificent feast. It was a wonderful end to an extraordinary day.



wedding centrepieces

Pinterest was my biggest source of ideas for everything wedding. It assisted me in using my imagination and helped me put together all my thoughts and things I wanted and didn’t want. My favourite style involved a rustic nature with lots of plants, hessian, peach and blush pallets with a touch of gold. I tried to incorporate these ideas into my wedding.

I kept seeing succulents. They were appearing all over the place. Wedding favours, bouquets, buttonholes, and especially used to decorate tables. I really liked the look of them and thought they could be quite cost efficient and, as an added bonus, keep them after; unlike most centrepieces that shrivel up and die.

As I am not a professional gardener, I researched the best ways to plant the succulents on Pinterest and other blogs. After a trip to Bunnings, some generous donations from Bec’s mothers garden and a little extra foraging, I was ready to party.

Take a look at my efforts below:

a mothers milk

This little number is the definition of rustic. Lying just out of the city on Unley Road, this industrial styled, bustling cafe is serving up specialty coffee all day long. The cafe also offers a tasteful and rather large breakfast/lunch menu, that ranges from Watermelon Strawberry Salads to Salmon Bagels, and Portugese Sardines to Baked Eggs. On this visit, I stuck with the Chicken Sandwich. This is served with streaky middle bacon, avocado, rocket and honey mustard aioli. I accompanied this with an Orange, Pineapple & Orange Blossom JuiceAfter demolishing my delicious lunch and gazing around at the artwork strung up on the walls, I made my way to the counter, where I was tempted by the assortment of treats in the cabinet. Remembering that my eyes are way too big for my stomach, I paid and left with a promise to start with them next time. So long treats!

karma & crow

What a way to start a lazy day by venturing to ‘Karma and Crow’. Nestled just off Richmond Road, lies a giant entrance, stating clearly, ‘COFFEE’. After strutting in, the cafe opens up into a big warehouse type area. The building seemed to be, once upon a time, a car garage. A spacious area with high ceilings and exposed beams, a concrete floor spread with vintage tables and modern geometric inspired chairs, dressed in greenery head to toe and full of natural light. We sat near the kitchen pass on a bar near the window, watching different people interact and wander in and out with cups of coffee. The colourful plates of food passed us on by, as well as the smells. Once our food arrived, I took a couple shots, salivating at the mound of deliciousness on my plate, and soon devoured every last sign of edibles.

It’s safe to say that we will definitely be back – though, I promise that I’ll try not to take as many photos next time!


kuipto forest


Last Friday, Easter Friday, Jordan and I both had the day off. The night before, he had organised some delicious snacks and cheese (my favourite!) to take on a picnic up to Kuipto Forest. Approximately a forty five minute drive from Adelaide, we winded around the roads listening to tunes and admiring the beautiful drive and small towns.

We parked and set out into the forest. As soon as we passed the tree line, an ocean of pine needles lined the way as far as the eye could see. It was like walking on soft, fluffy, marshmallow like clouds. We nestled ourselves beneath the trees until the sun stopped spying on us through the cracks. We nibbled and talked and took silly photos of each other. Blissful peace.


goodbye japan

Day 06 –

Grabbing a sushi triangle passing through a train station is the definition of breakfast on the go. We ventured our way to Asakusa and spent most of the morning browsing through the market stalls and collecting souvenirs. Though, our first order of business was to find a particular knife shop that Jordan had researched. When we got there, we discovered entire streets dedicated to cookery, homewares and knives. Shop after shop, there was no shortage. After reminding ourselves over and over about our luggage allowance limit on the flight back home, we eventually got to ‘Kamata’, a sleek store filled with all types and brands of knives. Jordan ended up taking home a set of two Japanese knives, engraved with his last name – Cooper.

For lunch, we snacked on deep fried, pancake like patties filled with meat, vegetables and curry. They were surprisingly delicious. We strolled on through the markets, looking at all the trinkets, artwork and traditional clothing, then made our way to Tokyo Skytree. We didn’t end up going to the top as the line was quite long and we needed to be heading back to the hotel to collect our luggage and make our way to the airport. It was a lovely day and we were able to get a couple souvenirs for our families.

Although we allowed plenty of time to get to the airport, have a snack and say our goodbyes, and board, we only just made it on. Two Jetstar flights were leaving within thirty minutes of each other, Cairns and Gold Coast, and the queues to check into either flight were extremely slow moving and long. Even though the flights were quite cheap, I can’t say I would definitely fly Jetstar internationally again as both flights were disappointing – long queues, staff uninterested in doing their duties, cleanliness and upkeep of toilets.

We were able to squeeze in a couple hugs with Pop before he raced onto the plane and took off. Fortunately, we still had ten minutes before we were due to board, so we raced down to the duty free shop and stocked up on some essentials. Soon, we were in the air and all the food we had packed for our journey was gobbled up by Mr. Cooper in the first twenty minutes.

Back in Oz, we arrived early morning as the sun rose and started our day off with a giant breakfast – I’m pretty sure Jordan got two big breakfasts’. It was nice to be back in the warm weather. We kept busy, going to the gym and walking around the shops. We even started the clothes washing, eugh!

Finishing our holiday up with a couple days at the Gold Coast was relaxing and refreshing. Our last night was celebrated at Moo Moo’s, a great steakhouse in Broadbeach – a little tradition we had started. We had delicious wine and shared a 1kg Wagu Beef Rump, their signature dish.


I can’t wait to come back and explore other parts of Japan and maybe even take part in some snow sports. Until then, stay tuned for more adventures.