Day 01  –

Disney Sea; a place of fairytales, adventure and everything in between.

Disney sea was one of the places I was really excited to take Jordan, my fiancé. I’ve many good memories there with my Pop and it’s always been a special place. The park is well designed, with multiple worlds in one; archaeological and Egyptian to old school 1950’s New York. There’s even a giant volcano in the middle of the park overlooking a lake. Spending the entire day here is easy as there is lots of choice for food (and a different flavour of popcorn every 100m!) and places to relax as well as the hour long queues – even though it’s the ‘off season’!

We spent the day trekking the park with caramel popcorn in hand and scarves tightly wound. An extremely talented marching band playing disney tunes greeted us as we boogied through the gates, setting spirits high. Collecting fast-passes and perhaps a fly or two as we (I) screamed our (my) way through each ride. We spent mid-morning through to approximately closing time enjoying the cheerful atmosphere.

Once we were back at the hotel, it was Pops birthday wish to go to Venus Fort (a really cool shopping centre that has a ceiling that looks and changes like the sky) and dine at his favourite Italian Restaurant that we had spent a lot of time at on previous trips. A special dinner that consisted of colourful gnocchi and, pops favourite, soup!

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