A reasonably short flight, with Jordan and Pop, into Narita airport and straight onto the NEX train, an express train from the airport to Shinagawa Station, and we’re in freezing, and surely unexpected, Tokyo weather. It was definitely a shock as we slow jogged with our luggage at approximately 9pm, as the wind whistled up the train station. A taxi across the bridge to Odaiba got us to our hotel, Grand Nikko, warmly. We layered up and set out for some dinner.

We ended up at a small ‘after work drinks knockoff’ type place that served us frozen octopus, iced tea (I advise stating hot or cold) and ramen. In the many times that I have been to Tokyo, I have never eaten ramen, and it’s safe to say that it is pretty tasty. After filling our tummy’s we hit the pillow for a big day at Disney Sea.

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