What a way to start a lazy day by venturing to ‘Karma and Crow’. Nestled just off Richmond Road, lies a giant entrance, stating clearly, ‘COFFEE’. After strutting in, the cafe opens up into a big warehouse type area. The building seemed to be, once upon a time, a car garage. A spacious area with high ceilings and exposed beams, a concrete floor spread with vintage tables and modern geometric inspired chairs, dressed in greenery head to toe and full of natural light. We sat near the kitchen pass on a bar near the window, watching different people interact and wander in and out with cups of coffee. The colourful plates of food passed us on by, as well as the smells. Once our food arrived, I took a couple shots, salivating at the mound of deliciousness on my plate, and soon devoured every last sign of edibles.

It’s safe to say that we will definitely be back – though, I promise that I’ll try not to take as many photos next time!


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