For the past six months I’ve been building my business, Little Paper Plane, across multiple platforms and expanding my brand. I’ve been delving into the art of film and tried my hand at vlogging. Instagram has been a big focus of mine also, as I build my personal, lifestyle and travel photography brand to soon be a full time travel influencer with my boo – that’s the dream.

Another thing that I’ve been working on (and will never stop) is my brain. I’ve been learning a lot about building a business, entrepreneurship and skills involved in running a successful brand. I am continuing to improve my physical health and nutrition and believe that it is a key part to my success. Shawn Stevenson is currently a favourite for me in this area and I love listening to his podcast “The Model Health Show”. I have also just purchased his two books “Sleep Smarter” and his newest “Eat Smarter” to read in my morning routine. I highly recommend checking him out here:

On the topic of podcasts and self development, another one of my favourites is “The Mindset Mentor” by Rob Dial. Rob talks on many different topics ranging from health to business, money to love, and of course mindset. He is a leader in his field and changing thousands of lives everyday. They are only about twenty minutes long and you could benefit from simply listening to one episode in the car on the way to work! Check it out and level up:

One of my favourites is an episode that I listened to on the way to the gym the other day, it’s #902 “6 Ways to Be More Confident”. I won’t spoil too much, but one of the points was “to say yes, say yes to more things, say yes to things you would usually say no to”. Oooofta, that’s a thinker. I thought about the things I’d recently said yes to that had stirred me down a good path and perhaps led to some momentum and had been good for me. I also thought of the recent times that I’d said no. Not that it was a bad thing and I obviously wanted to say no at that point in time, but maybe it could’ve led to some new opportunities or gotten me closer to my goals; who know (well God knows, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). Point is, the other day I said yes.

My sister in law asked me to take some photographs for her portfolio. I’d been saying that I would help her with some shots whenever she wanted and she finally took me up on it. It was the quietest week at work for months and I needed to get my hands back on a camera. I played some “Sol Rising” through my portable speaker and started to flow. The shots were stylish and fresh. We both had a really good time and both got a whole ‘lotta benefit.

The following photographs are all taken on the property between 7.30-9pm, using my Canon 6D with 24-70mm f/2.8.

Model: Ebonny Cooper – available for similar shoots and film. Please DM through instagram:

Leave your comments below; I’d love to know what you think and which are your favourites!

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